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Dr . Yar Muhammad Waryah Incharge / Assistant Professor Research

The function of Molecular Biology and Genetic Department to provide academic environment in SIOVS and launch the graduate and postgraduate programs in field of Molecular Biology & Genetics. The Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, SIOVS has been providing diagnostic services for ARMS Assay PCR tests for Glaucoma and other ocular genetic patients on common reported Mutations in different ethnic population for entire province of Sindh. Besides the diagnostic services this laboratory is continuously striving to contribute in collaborative Research Activities with different Medical institute and is providing all lab support to the researchers and also helps the faculty in structuring/designing various research projects based on modern molecular biology techniques with in and out of the institute.
Available equipment:
⦁ BIO-RAD Real Time PCR
⦁ Gel documentation System
⦁ Safety Hoods
⦁ PH Meter
⦁ Digital weighing Balances
⦁ Megafuge16 centrifuge
⦁ Pico17 centrifuge
⦁ Heat platter
⦁ SWB15 water bath