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The General Direction and Administration of the Institute and its affairs are vest in the Board of Directors, which may exercise all powers and do all acts and things, which may be exercised or done by the Institute. The Board of Directors, subject to the provisions of the SIOVS Act and regulations, exercise administrative and financial powers in respect of the Institute as may be necessary for its proper and efficient functioning.

Mr. Rehan Iqbal Baloch
Mr. Rehan Iqbal BalochHonorable Chairperson
(Secretary Health Government of Sindh)
Vice Chairperson
President of Society for Welfare of the Patients op Ophthalmology
Mr. Khalid Hyder Shah
Mr. Khalid Hyder ShahMember
Commissioner of Hyderabad Division
Additional Secretary (Technical)
Nominee of Secretary Health Govt of Sindh
Prof. Sharif Hasmani
Prof. Sharif HasmaniMember
Prof. of Ophthalmology
Hashmani Hospital Private Sector
Nominee by the Chief Minster
Mr. Shiraz Shaukat Rajper
Mr. Shiraz Shaukat RajperMember
Member of Provincial Assembly Sindh
Mr. Jam Shabbir Ali Khan
Mr. Jam Shabbir Ali KhanMember
Member of Provincial Assembly Sindh
Ms. Nida Khuhro
Ms. Nida KhuhroMember
Member of Provincial Assembly Sindh
Dr. Bashir Ahmed Khaskheli
Dr. Bashir Ahmed KhaskheliMember
President PMA Sindh
Nominee of Pakistan Medical Association
Dr. Zahid Hussain Awan
Dr. Zahid Hussain AwanMember
Inclusive Eye Health Project Manager CBM
Nominee of INGO
Nominee of the Institute Amongst Academic Council SIOVS
Prof. Ashok Kumar Narsani
Prof. Ashok Kumar NarsaniMember
Nominee of the Academic Council LUMHS Jamshoro
Dr. Hadi Bux Jatio
Dr. Hadi Bux JatioMember
Retired D.G Health Sindh
Eminent Person Nominee by the Chief Minster Sindh
Prof. Dr. Sajjad Ali Surhio
Prof. Dr. Sajjad Ali SurhioExecutive Director SIOVS
Member / Secretary